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Petition to support the APPEAL OF THE WOMEN OF KIVU - Congo

For the past 16 years, the wars in KIVU, East of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, have been stigmatized by the use of children-soldiers as war weapons, and also by the sexual violence committed against women of all ages.

The sexual mutilations of women are leading to the extermination of the populations of Kivu and of Ituri, for the sole benefit of the most powerful countries, who dream of exploiting coltan, natural gas, diamonds, gold, oil and other strategic minerals of the 21st century.

We appeal to the international community to denounce and put a stop to these crimes against humanity.

Without your support, our action will not be great enough; without our partnership, your action will have little impact. We ask you to intervene so that Kivu women may be free to speak, so that peace will indeed return, so that they may work on their land, and once again, be with their children.

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